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Monthly Compensation 2022
Married Veteran and Spouse........ $2230   Single Veteran............................... $1881
Veteran’s spouse needing care...... $1477
Surviving Spouse ...........................$1209
*Veteran must have served one day during wartime  and 90 days of active duty  (Service after 1990 requires 2 years active duty)
*Have an honorable or general discharge
*Disability doesn’t have to be related to service  *Must be 65 or older or be 100% disabled 

World War 2: Dec 7, 1941 through Dec 31, 1946
Korean Conflict: June 27, 1950 through Jan 31, 1955
Vietnam Era: Aug 5, 1964 through May 7, 1975 or
Feb. 28 through May 7, 1975 for veterans
who served in the Republic of Vietnam
Gulf Conflict: Aug 2, 1990 – current

To qualify medically, a War-Time Veteran or Surviving Spouse must need the assistance of another person to perform daily tasks such as eating, transferring, bathing, dressing, taking care of the needs of nature,
etc. Being blind or in a nursing home for mental or physical incapacity or residing in an assisted or independent living community also qualifies.

Income for VA purposes is a relationship between total income and recognized unreimbursed medical expense. Allowable assets are determined
by a number of factors such as life expectancy, medical expenses and dependent status.
Veterans Benefits
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